China’s IoT spending is expected to reach US $300 billion in 2024, making it the world’s largest IoT market

China’s IoT market spending is expected to reach about $300 billion by 2024, with a compound growth rate of 13.0% over the next five years, according to a statement released on IDC’s website. In 2024, China accounted for 26.7 percent of global IoT spending, overtaking the United States to become the world’s largest IoT market.

IoT Industrial Devices Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis System Based on IoT Industrial

With the rapid development of industrial Internet of things and intelligent sensing technology, more and more IoT industrial production devices and heavy devices begin to use intelligent perception and embedded monitoring system to monitor the production process or equipment status in real-time and fault prediction, so as to timely and accurately carry out real-time state

What are the factors that affect Internet of things (IOT) devices

In the foreseeable future, network security will still be a priority for most organizations. Hackers are still actively trying to infiltrate various network systems of companies and individuals. Blackmail software, malware, spyware and other unnecessary programs continue to infect systems, destroy data and steal intellectual property rights. The following are three main factors that will

Get up to 60% off on Google Nest Mini and Google Nest Hub this Black Friday

For many years, intelligent virtual assistants were largely viewed as science fiction. This perception changed significantly when internet giants such as Amazon and Google introduced their smart speakers. These smart speakers powered by Amazon’s and Google’s virtual assistants — Alexa and Google Assistant — have justifiably become personal aides for millions of users. Whether you have already

Home automation application and Healthcare end user segments will grow at a notable rate in the forecast time

Based on application, the global market is classified into home automation, database management, device management, analytics, wearable technology and processing. In these, the IoT in cloud platform market for home automation application will experience a remarkable growth and is estimated to grow at a faster rate throughout the forecast period. Growing trend for smart city

IBM IoT device management services provide large companies a managed solution for IoT

Cut through common IoT device management barriers. IT teams drawn to the potential of IoT solutions find a fragmented IoT environment with few shared standards for operating systems, protocols or platforms. This creates a challenge of navigating many vendors for devices, gateways, networks and more. It also can drive up costs. IBM IoT device management

Maintaining your IoT devices

Your smart home will save you some time and effort. But you need to reserve a bit of time for maintaining it properly as part of your IoT device security strategy. Every device needs its firmware kept up to date. When you’re installing devices, it’s a good idea to bookmark the manufacturer’s web page so

Securing IoT networks and devices

First off, lock the front door – that is, secure your router. If a hacker gets control of your router, they’ll be able to control your network and that means they can control any device in your house, from the door locks to your computer. Change the name and password of the router. Don’t use default