Internet of Things Data and Analytics

A well-defined IoT data process is crucial for businesses who are willing to step into the world of smart connected products. New business models can be created by ingesting data from these sensors and can unlock different opportunities and uncover valuable business data.

Your smart devices will be streaming information straight to the cloud. When you are defining requirements for your solution, at that time, you will need to look for the best idea for the type and amount of data that you will be collecting daily, monthly and yearly basis.

The biggest challenge that IoT apps face is generating a huge amount of data. For avoiding this, ensure to define the scalable parameters that will help the architects to define the correct data management solution from the beginning point.

Analytics is considered as one of the important components of the IoT solution. Analytics refers to the ability to find patterns, crunch data, perform forecasts, integrate machine learning and more. It has the capability to find out the insights from your data that will make your solution valuable. This can be done by using technology Cloud APIs.


IoT apps are highly creative and filled with features. They can adopt any form like Hardware, Software, Cloud, etc.

Some of the most popular applications are
  • Connected Cars
  • Connected Health
  • Industrial Internet
  • Smart City
  • Smart Farming
  • Smart Grid
  • Smart Home
  • Smart Retail
  • Smart Supply Chain
  • Wearables