Internet of things(IoT)technology is divided into four levels, how to divide it?

Since entering the 21st century, with the popularization of sensor equipment, embedded system and Internet, the Internet of things is regarded as the third information revolution wave after the computer and Internet. The Internet of things has received great attention all over the world, and has been upgraded to the key direction of national level technology and industrial innovation. Many people may not understand what the IoT technology is? What are the key of the IoT technologies?

Internet of things is based on the application, using Internet and wireless communication network resources to transmit business information. It is the extension of Internet and mobile communication network applications, and the comprehensive embodiment of automatic control, remote control and telemetry and information application technology. Internet of things is a complex and diverse system technology. From the perspective of Internet of things architecture, the Internet of things can be divided into four levels: perception technology, transmission technology, support technology, application technology.

Internet of Things (IoT)Application

Perception technology refers to the technology used for the underlying perception information of the Internet of things, including radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, sensor technology, GPS positioning technology, multimedia information acquisition technology and two-dimensional code technology.

Transmission technology refers to the technology that can gather sensing data and realize data transmission of Internet of things, including mobile communication network, Internet, wireless network, wechat communication, short-distance wireless communication, etc. In short distance wireless communication, there are wireless LAN, Bluetooth, NFC (near field communication) technology and infrared transmission technology, ZigBee, RFID.

Supporting technology is used for data processing and utilization of Internet of things, including cloud computing technology, embedded system, artificial intelligence technology, database and data mining technology.

Application technology refers to the technology used to support the operation of the Internet of things application system. The application layer mainly develops and forms various industry application solutions and builds intelligent industry applications according to the characteristics of the industry and with the help of IoT technology.

With the development and growth of the Internet of things, smart home is also constantly intelligent. Therefore, with smart socket, smart TV, intelligent air conditioner, smart refrigerator, intelligent lighting Changed our lives. In this process, wireless module plays a vital role in signal transmission.

The demand of wireless module is increasing with the market, which tests the development ability and batch supply ability of suppliers. At the same time, the ability to provide simple and reliable system solutions to meet the needs of different categories of products.