Get up to 60% off on Google Nest Mini and Google Nest Hub this Black Friday

For many years, intelligent virtual assistants were largely viewed as science fiction. This perception changed significantly when internet giants such as Amazon and Google introduced their smart speakers. These smart speakers powered by Amazon’s and Google’s virtual assistants — Alexa and Google Assistant — have justifiably become personal aides for millions of users. Whether you have already jumped the bandwagon or not — the Google Nest Mini is (as the name suggests) a mini and unobtrusive gadget that will definitely assist you without being heavy on your pocket. What is more exciting is the fact that you can pick up the Google Nest Mini for just $19 at the Black Friday sales on Best Buy instead of the usual $50. If you want a smart speaker with a display, the Nest Hub is also on sale and you can get it for $50 instead of its usual $90 price.

The Google Nest Mini weighs only 0.4 pounds (~180 grams) and measures only 3.85 inches (~10cm) in diameter. While the Google Assistant on the Nest Mini can do essentially everything that it can on an Android or iOS device, the smart speaker is especially useful in eliminating the requirement of looking at a display.

The Google Nest Mini is compatible with a host of smart home devices. Some of the popular supported devices include smart security solutions from Arlo, Ring, and Nest, as well as lighting products Philips’ Hue lineup. The Nest Mini can also be used to control a slew of smart home devices under Samsung’s SmartThings lineup.

If you’re looking for a visually interactive solution, the Nest Hub is also up for sale during Black Friday. It features a 7-inch touch-enabled display that complements the speaker that bigger than the Mini. You can use it to play songs or podcasts on a variety of apps including Spotify and even watch Netflix on the tiny screen.

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