City University of Hong Kong sets up big data joint laboratory

big data

big data

The Department of electrical engineering, City University of Hong Kong, said on the 28th that it had jointly established the “Guangdong Hong Kong Joint Laboratory for big data imaging and communication applications” with the State Key Laboratories of terahertz and millimeter wave, and had successfully raised about HK $25 million in project funding and funding.

The joint laboratory will focus on big data image and wireless communication applications to promote a new generation of information technology industry and contribute to the development of Guangdong and Hong Kong as an international science and technology innovation center. Partners include Shenzhen Institute of information and communication, Shenzhen University and many leading enterprises in the mainland.

Lu Guiwen, Professor of electrical engineering at CityU and co director of the laboratory, said that although the fifth generation mobile communication (5g) service has been launched around the world, the technology is still not enough to support big data image communication. In the future, the interconnection of everything is the general trend, and users will have higher requirements for transmission efficiency and image quality.

Lu Guiwen said that the research team will explore the antenna design of different frequency bands in wireless communication, including millimeter wave and terahertz frequency bands applied to 5g and 6G communication respectively. It is expected to develop low-cost and high-performance antenna, speed up data transmission speed, improve communication quality and reliability, so as to meet the application requirements of various ultra-high speed wireless communication technologies, and provide a new generation of wireless communication We need to prepare for the industrialization of the industry.

According to reports, the City University of Hong Kong was approved by the Ministry of science and technology of the people’s Republic of China to establish the State Key Laboratory of terahertz and millimeter wave in March 2008, which is the first State Key Laboratory in the field of Engineering in Hong Kong.