20 Best IoT Projects to Explore (2)

11. IoT Based Smart Water Irrigation System

Agriculture plays a vital role in a country’s economy. It is difficult for the farmer to monitor the moisture level of the whole field and supply water. IoT project like smart water irrigation system proposes here an automated water irrigation system that can analyze the moisture of soil and climate condition. Users will be able to check the moisture level, and with the predefined threshold for a moisture level of soil, the power supply will be cut-off.

12. IoT Based Traffic Management System

Almost every metropolitan city faces traffic problems. As the population is increasing day by day, the necessity of a smart traffic management system is undeniable. IoT based project like smart traffic management system can reduce the traffic problem. Sometimes it is difficult for the ambulance to cross the traffic.

Counting advantage of an ambulance, this management system connects with the ambulance driver and helps to find the signal where traffic flow can be controlled dynamically. This internet of things example also monitors traffic rules violators.

13. IoT Based Baby Monitoring System

The idea is of the smart cradle system that will help parents to monitor their infant child from a remote place. This idea comes up with a cry detecting mechanism, Live video surveillance, cloud computing data, and user interface as mobile or web version. Different sensors attached to a cradle will check the humidity or temperature of the bed.

A surveillance camera on cradle will always send footage of the main IoT program. All the data will be stored in the cloud. Based on that data, a health algorithm will always check the condition of that infant and alarm parents if any unwanted situation appeared.

14. IoT Based Garbage Monitoring System

With everyday life, we produce a vast amount of garbage. We can smartly handle that garbage collection system with the help of IoT based project. The garbage monitoring system will help to clean the city more innovatively.

This IoT project idea uses an ultrasonic sensor to detect the level of garbage in each garbage bin and send those data to the main IoT program. A webpage shows a level of garbage on each garbage bin and highlights the amount of garbage on each bin. A buzzer puts on when garbage is over the limit.

15. IoT Based Street Light Monitoring System

According to a study, street light consumes 19% of world energy. Most of the street light remains On although there is no one around. IoT project ideas like street light monitoring system bringing a solution here. This project consists of smart street lights that have sensors to monitor humans or vehicles around.

Upon sensing the movement, the sensor sends data to the microcontroller; then it turns the street light on. If there is no movement microcontroller make the switch off. That‘s how this IoT project saves energy. Checking of faulty street light is another advantage of this internet of things example.

16. Gas Pipe Leakage Detector Robot

The gas pipe is an important part of the current industries. But leakage in the gas pipes can cause fire accidents, toxicity in air and soil and serious havoc. Gas pipe leakage needs to be found very quickly to stop any massive situation.

Typically leakage found through acoustic sensor or footage from the small video camera. But IoT based project can give a better solution. A tiny robot can crawl through a gas pipe along with its interface GPS sensor which can notify the leakage location.

17. Smart Baggage Tracker

Although only 1% of bags lost in airline travel, it is a vast number. IoT based project like baggage tracker can innovatively help in the tourism sector. The idea is very simple. Tourist needs to use a tracker on their travel bag. This project will send its coordinate to the users’ phones. This internet of things example will be handy for tourists.

18. IoT Based Early Flood Detection and Avoidance

Flood is a common natural disaster. Flood causes loss of life and can destroy the economy of a country.  Early flood detection can reduce the loss of life and property. From this concept, IoT proposes an idea of an early flood detection system.

This project counts various natural factors, including humidity, temperature, water level, and flow level to detect flood. The flow sensor monitors the flow of water. That result can be accessed from any IoT device from any parts of the world.

19. IoT Based Wheelchair Fall Detection

Older adults need to handle very carefully. Sometimes they can’t walk, so they use a wheelchair. But older people fall from those chairs for a few reasons. It is important to help them immediately if they have fallen from a wheelchair.

This IoT based wheelchair fall detection project brings a solution here. If you are using the accelerometer and gyro-sensor on the hand of the patient or the wheelchair. Any jerk in the system will be counted as a fall from the wheelchair that will trigger the alarm.

20. Smart Anti-theft System

With the rapid growth of modern civilization, security has become a prior choice for almost everyone. Everyone wants to secure their home or industry from the intruder. IoT project idea gives a solution here. When the user goes out from the house, they have to turn it on the antitheft system which will monitor all the floor, and any footstep on the floor tiles will make alert the main IoT program.

When an intruder enters the house sensor sends data to the microcontroller. The microcontroller then makes it a valid signal and moves the camera and takes a picture. Users can see that picture on his smartphone.