20 Best IoT Projects to Explore (2)

11. IoT Based Smart Water Irrigation System Agriculture plays a vital role in a country’s economy. It is difficult for the farmer to monitor the moisture level of the whole field and supply water. IoT project like smart water irrigation system proposes here an automated water irrigation system that can analyze the moisture of soil

20 Best IoT Projects to Explore (1)

Researchers are already working with advance, IoT based projects. But we will narrate here basic level IoT projects. Let’s see how many readers like to drive their car using a mobile phone or control home appliances from office. Similar internet of things example we will discuss below. 1. IoT Based Weather Reporting System At first,

What is an IoT Connectivity Management Platform?

  An IoT connectivity management platform connects and streamlines the management of IoT devices, such as M2M (machine-to-machine) SIM cards. Sometimes referred to as a “connected devices platform,” the software promotes the scalability of IoT device controls and reduces time-consuming onboarding processes. The software allows businesses to reduce downtime from device repairs by proactively checking

Maintaining your IoT devices

Your smart home will save you some time and effort. But you need to reserve a bit of time for maintaining it properly as part of your IoT device security strategy. Every device needs its firmware kept up to date. When you’re installing devices, it’s a good idea to bookmark the manufacturer’s web page so

Securing IoT networks and devices

First off, lock the front door – that is, secure your router. If a hacker gets control of your router, they’ll be able to control your network and that means they can control any device in your house, from the door locks to your computer. Change the name and password of the router. Don’t use default

Internet of Things Security Threats

Connected devices are creating great experiences for consumers, but they also represent brand new targets for hackers. The Internet of Things (IoT) and cybercriminal activity share two important traits: they are largely invisible to the naked eye, and they surround us at any given moment. As more organizations use a mix of sensors and sophisticated

Reality check: how consumers feel and behave when receiving/acquiring a connected device

Here are some research data that make the challenge more tangible in a consumer IoT perspective. According to a press release and new infographic (see below) from McAfee (Intel Security), released at the occasion of the 2016 holiday season, only 42 percent of consumers take proper security measures to protect their new gadgets. And among these gadgets are obviously connected